Adventures of the OvaLords

The Story So Far: Part Five

The next day some of the group finds a noble, Aldor, mistreating his horses and tries to buy new horses from another wagon. The OvaLords deny him this as they call out how he is mistreating the animals, but it falls on deaf ears. On the 29th day the group thought it was going to be a thankfully quiet day, but only to find that each of them were fired and replaced with “experienced” adventurers. Somethings seemed off, almost too good to be true, about this new group so the OvaLords agreed they would keep an eye on things even if they were not on the job.

Day 30th the group arises to hear that a horse from Aldor has fallen, this enrages Fiddle as she tossed money at the man to buy the horses from him so she could take them to safety. How he replaced his horses was of no concern of hers as she went right to work tending to their wounds. After this one of the Cultists’ carts overturned around a tight corner and some treasure was seen by a few people, including the group’s green acquaintance Isma. Being a happy go lucky girl and very curious, she began to ask a lot of questions which made the cultist upset.

That night when things finally settled, Lorthan saw torches in the distance only to realize they belonged to bandits. He thought he successfully intimidated them into backing down but that worked for only a few carts as they simply delayed and attacked the mid-section. The new guards that replaced the OvaLords were nowhere to be found when this attack happened, so the group bore arms and fought back against the Bandits, teaching them they picked on the wrong caravan. The caravan leader then kicked out the phony replacements and the OvaLords were hired back. Of course that was not enough, as the two gnomes made sure to wrap one of the false adventurers up in spider web to make them really rethink lying to take jobs from others.

The next day some of the group was very upset to find that Isma was found dead, and with deeper investigation, was found poisoned by tri-leaf. “Sniffing” around, Fiddle found a few suspects with tri-leaf in their carts, those carts being the cultists, the family shepherd by Valmyze and one of the merchants. One of the gnomes quietly swore vengence against whoever killed this innocent young girl.

The day’s excitement did not end as talks quickly spread of a Golden Stag that was seen in the forest, which of course peaked the Druids’ interests. With keen tracking skills on their side, the OvaLords found an elven Prince-King standing in the middle of a clearing, stark naked. Maybe the hunters were just too hungry and were imagining that they saw some large stag? A language barrier made things more difficult, but soon enough the group came to find that this elven Prince-King was cursed and whenever he leaves the clearing he turns into a Golden Stag. Wanting to help cure him, the group agrees to protect him and escort him to Waterdeep where they will find a mage to cure him of his affliction. He graciously offered them a small cache of potions and a scroll.

Nearing the end of their long journey, the caravan stops at Daggerford, where a gnome and a human join up with the caravan. That same night Fiddle sneaks into one of the cultist’s cart and began to investigate the poison that she believed killed Isma. As she started to break bottles, one of the Cultists that recognized the gnome from Greenest caught her. Trapping her in a bucket, Fiddle stayed as a spider and let the Cultist look like she was crazy, claiming the spider really was a Gnome that cause havoc back at their camp in Greenest. Much to Fiddle’s surprise though, the other cultists simply instructed the woman to toss the bucket in the fire and kill the spider.

Taking the heat, Fiddle transformed right in the fire and began running into the forest before anyone else could see except for the woman. Given chase, Fiddle brought this suspicious cultist closer to where the Ovalords were, which led to a quick and viscous killing when the woman wouldn’t back down and started attacking the group. Lorthan quickly spins the story to Nearheight that would not shine a bad light on the group.

The morning after the group sits down to their breakfast, only to have the new gnome stop them before they take a bite and secretly showed them that there were deadly bones in their oatmeal that would slowly kill them from within. They then are told to meet with Jamna to exchange information, which they do. It seems Jamna was following the human that joined the caravan the same time as her and that he is a Red Wizard of Thay which is bad news. The group thought that with being so close to Waterdeep, the mysterious deaths would be over with, but they were not as a cultist was found dead the next morning. The only clue was the size and shape of his wounds. They first tried to blame Braelof, but since he uses a hammer, he had an airtight alibi. Next they blamed Branthol, until Valmyze quickly stood up and vouched adamantly about why Branthol could not have done it. Over the long two month journey, most of the caravan had come to like and appreciate the OvaLords – they had saved the caravan on more than one occasion after all. The rest of the caravan sided with the OvaLords and vouched that they could have not done such a crime, forcing the Cultists to back down. After that situation cooled off, the caravan finally rolled into the big city of Waterdeep!


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