Adventures of the OvaLords

The Story So Far: Part Four

A bit of time passed as the group went about their individual business as they were soon notified by fliers passed out by a band of sticky finger town criers that there was a fair in town. Pushing fliers into hands and bags as the most of the group decided to check it out while Lorthan decided to continue his studies.

The group split up going here and there to view attractions to each their interests. One was the strongman competition where Stixx and Braelof went. The little gnome tried hard but could not complete each challenge but for a gnome he did pretty well at the caber toss. Braelof though did remarkably well and almost lifted a large dragon statue. Despite just not getting enough strength to lift it, he did get his name marked down as one of the Strongmen of this year’s festival.

Braelof, with victory on his mind, went to the Sasserinian Roulette challenge as he happened upon Fiddle entering as well. The dwarf was guided in with no problem but the gnome was stopped with her age being in question. Of course nothing that a little smart mouthing couldn’t get her pass, as the two found themselves inside with a table on either side, one with an elf and the other a half orc. Each table had difference stakes, one only 10g and a chance to have your hand stabbed; while the other was 250g and a chance to stab right through your heart. Braelof went to head to head with the elf and several other contenders, coming out just about even when it was all said and done. Soon after, Fiddle went right for the Half Orc and squeaked by, coming within one dagger choice of impaling her own heart. Thankfully the only injuries sustained was a dwarven hand which the gnomes would quickly work on healing – they got most of it, but were unable to fully remove scarring. It was a successful venture though, as the group’s collective stash of gold increased considerably in size.

When the group reunited, tales of what happened in the fair were shared and Stixx almost fainted with the story of how he almost lost Fiddle to a dagger and Half Orc. Lorthan surprised the group with a gift – a necklace for each made of the teeth from the unborn dragon. Most were quite happy at the gesture, although it did drudge up some sorrow as well. Stixx shared his sculpture of an egg depicting the story of the dragon egg they had, all while Valmyze and Fiddle slipped out of the inn to be alone to deal with stirring thoughts.

Next day the group met up with Leosin and Ontharr but before any talking could commence, the group had to prove their worth to Ontharr; Lorthan took care of that by defeating a solider effortlessly. Impressed with the skills of the group, a hand was extended to either join The Order of the Gauntlet or The Harpers. Both had very generous benefits and interesting ideals, but all except for the gnomes joined with the Harpers.

After their quest was discussed; the group now had to head towards [[Baulder’s Gate]] and get hired by a caravan with the help of their contact Ackyn. Agreeing to this quest to track the cult by sneaking into the caravan, they head out by ship on the river with a salt sea dog of a captain, [[O’Tau]]. He was easy to find, what with his ear having a noticeable notch in it and his face housing a very large, thick, glorious beard. They decided to play it safe and tie up the ship at night and not rush to the city.

Once at the bustling city, the group rested and then made their way to where Ackyn corralled the caravans and let him know they were in search of work. With information in hand, the group rested at the inn, [[The Hammer’s Folly]], for a few nights where they noticed about 8 cult members also staying at the inn. The next day they met up with the foreman, Neirheight Verther, and each showed their talent to get placed for the caravan. Lorthan was placed as a personal guard to the foreman, Valmyze was set as a sergeant and stationed with “The Pole”, Braelof became a league sergeant and accompanied the diplomat, Fiddle became the Head Mechanic and was stationed with chatty Ovasteia and lastly Stixx became the caravan Medic and sadly was paired with “The Silent” one.

One day a girl name Elkin noticed the Dragon Tooth necklace and kept asking to buy it from Stixx and each day he would tell her no. But one morning he woke up and it was gone from his neck. Seeing how Elkin kept asking for it, he ran right to her and accused her of stealing it, but Fiddle reassured that she did not lie and the young girl did not steal it. They still search for the missing tooth necklace.

Then it was noticed that the stash of precious silks had begun to be consumed by silk worms and the merchant was hysterical thinking that it would be a total loss. Thankfully, Fiddle shooed the worms away and during her break time she would spend time mending the silk back together tediously. The trip never went more than a day or two without something odd happening, such as meeting a very eager and earnest young girl named Isma, who was most interestingly green from head to toe. She wouldn’t talk much about it, but was heading to Waterdeep to hopefully find a cure.

That next day the caravan awoke to tiny fungus surrounding them. Bit by bit they began to grow bigger and larger. They were shrieker mushrooms that let loose harrowing cries and moans when stepped on. The caravan had to continue on though, so the Ovalords began to crush, slash and stomp them out. Unfortunately the cries of agony and shrieks got to Fiddle and she had to retreat as she was too shaken up with recent memories of the poor dragon egg’s fate. A few nights after this, the poor little gnome would have night terrors and felt restless throughout the day.

Not too long after the encounter with the mushrooms, the caravan was then attacked by giant spiders and ettercaps. The gnomes tried to communicate with the giant spiders and get them to attack the cultists instead but the plan didn’t fully work. Most of the attackers were dispatched but one ettercap got away with a few horses and the group had to band together and go after them into the woods. As a giant spider herself, Fiddle led the group back to the lair and found the horses still alive. They tried stealth first but it did not work and instead they sadly had to put down the rest of the survivors and bring back the horses where they tethered them back up and rested.


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