Adventures of the OvaLords

The Story So Far: Part Six

Once in Waterdeep, the OvaLords, minus Lorthan, agreed to go to the Mage School and take the Prince-King there to get cured. At the Mage School, they found a very accomplished Mage to cure the elven Prince-King. The OvaLords said their goodbyes and even left the Prince-King with quite the small fortune to help rebuild his kingdom.

While that was happening, Lorthan went and followed the Cultist cart through the city until he found where they stationed – a warehouse near the northern gates. Once that was established, he got in contact with a local Harper Agent to give a progress report and to send word to the rest of his team of where they should all meet.

Soon after, Braelof ditched Valmyze and the Druids, to go woo Tyjit, the lady dwarf that he got cozy with during the caravan travels. In true Braelof fashion, he said it was no one’s business what he was up to during that time – although a smart bet would be Braelof treated his friend to a fantastic and lavish dinner. Either way, the next morning he certainly had a bit of a glow to him.

When the group meets up all together, Branthol gathers everyone to share some bittersweet news. He’s gotten a job as a guard with a very well respected noble guild here in Waterdeep, with good pay too. He was very thankful to the adventurers, crediting them and especially Valmyze with helping him turn his life around and realize his potential. Everyone was naturally proud of him and wished him luck in his endeavors. With no time to spare, the group then quickly planned their next step in following the cultists, which was to be hired on to another caravan, this time heading north to help repair the road to Neverwinter.

Once hired (for a lowly price of 5sp per day), the group takes off to watch over the wagons as they traverse the marshes and swamps of the Mere of Dead Men. On the 9th day, they encountered some particularly nasty trolls which they easily dispatch with few casualties. Soon after, the caravan arrived at their destination, a construction supply stockpile known as the Carnath Roadhouse, where the wagons were unloaded. While everyone split up to explore the roadhouse, Valmyze offered her services for the rest of the day helping unload the wagons. While helping, she noticed that certain crates weren’t only being taken into the warehouse, but into a separate locked strong room.

That night, Lorthan and the two gnomes cast some stealth spells and snuck into the warehouse’s strong room. looking through the cargo to see what was up with it. It was quickly apparent that much of it was the treasure of Greenest and all of these crates had the same painted symbols on the side. Just as Stixx discovered what seemed to be a trap door, it opened and six lizardmen emerged. Thankfully the adventurers were still invisible and nearly undectable, so the lizardmen did not notice them. They picked up some of the marked crates and took them back down the trap door.

As this was happening, Braelof was feigning sleep in the courtyard, hoping to catch word of any illicit cultist activity – at least he was until a cultist kicked him “awake” and confronted him. The cultist was the same one that accused Braelof of murdering one of the other cultists on the final day of the Waterdeep caravan. While it started off as a one-on-one fight, Valmyze wasn’t taking any of this cultist’s crap and jumped to Braelof’s side. This caused more cultists to swarm in, followed by Stixx. Once that situation had calmed down the OvaLords slipped into the hidden tunnel and followed it out into the Mere of Dead Men, where they followed the lizardmen tracks in the muck.

After a day of uneventful travel through the muck, the group came across a lizardmen camp site. Being a dragonborn and all, Valmyze attempted to intimidate them but it didn’t go quite as planned and the tribe attacked. Thankfully they managed to keep one alive as a captive, questioning him on what they were doing and where the treasure was being taken. The prisoner, Snapjaw, said he would help the group go against the cultists and the Bullywug slavers, as he was sick of the bullywugs bossing around the lizardmen. The group rested while they kept Snapjaw tied up for good measure, and Fiddle offered a gold piece to him with the prospect of more if he stayed loyal to the group.


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